Friday, August 14, 2009

Walking In Faith

Following in our Lord's footsteps
takes a lot of faith.

We must keep taking those steps for Him.
Walking in faith is an adventure
that takes absolute trust.
Jesus will call us to do things that seem impossible,
but to God nothing is impossible.
What He asks us to do... will sometimes
seem too big for us to accomplish in of ourselves.
That's when He will cause us to lean on Him,
to draw upon His strength.
May we all keep stepping out for our Lord.
We must walk and exercise our Faith.
Our eyes and ears will try to give us doubts,
but when our hearts are trusting in Him...
we will soar high with the eagles.

God can move those mountains in our lives...
But we must Believe and Trust.

Jesus looked at them and said,
With man this is impossible,
but with God all things are possible.
(Matthew 19:26)

Living the Call Together - All for the Glory of God


  1. Thank you so much for the timely word. He can move the mountains!

  2. Paul, that is beautiful words of wisdom! Thx for sharing :)


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