Monday, December 21, 2009

May We Not Be Part Of The Mess

"To act like the rest
Makes you part of the mess.
To be salt
Where there is no taste,
And be light
In a gloomy place,
We must be so unlike
The seething throng
Who as slaves are held
In the senseless grip
Of the need to fight
Wrong with wrong.
To act like others
Is to let them smother
Your light
And kill your fire
Until you are cold and dark,
Just like others.

How could you ever get even,
When in Acts you read of Stephen,
Who forgave while being stoned
And the Lord rose from his throne
To honor a forgiver
Whose love flowed as a river
That would never be stopped;
Who lived as a giver
Till the moment he dropped;
Only to be raised,
And for endless days,
Crowned with heavenly praise?

There’s no better way
To make the devil’s day
Than to fight for right
The wrong way.
There’s no greater way
To multiply evil
Than to try to stop evil
By acting like the devil.
When you come against sin
In the lives of others,
You either act like the Son
Or the devil has won.

We need a way
That’s better still;
That makes the supernatural real.
So lift your eyes even higher,
Through the clouds
Of heroes that inspire;
Go beyond human feats
Till your eyes meet
Your glorious Savior.

This does not mean
An end to pain;
Christ will lead you
Through the flame;
He’ll take you to the cross,
Where, like him,
You’ll suffer shame
And temporary loss,
To win eternal fame."

By Colette Guindon

Living the Call Together - All for the Glory of God

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