Monday, May 17, 2010

Are We Nearsighted?

When folks get older, their eyes start giving them trouble.
Most need glasses to see better.

Last week I heard a preacher say that young people suffer from nearsightedness. What do you think he meant?

He was not talking about the physical eyes and things that you can see. He was talking about the future. Most young people live for now.

At the store, a little one wants that candy bar right now.
They will wine and cry to get their way.
As they get older, they plan a little farther in advance.
But most young people think that they will live forever.
They do not worry about something years away.
Time does not seem to bother them... unless they have to wait.
That is being nearsighted.

When a young lady and a young man start to get serious, they often let their emotions take control. They will sometimes fail to plan for the future. They may get married and think that they can keep up with all the bills. But when a little one comes along, the financial troubles begin.
They were nearsighted.

This also happens in the spiritual world. Many people think they will live forever. They do not want to think about God, and what will happen when they die.
They are spiritually nearsighted.

I received these thoughts from a friend in an email.
The Bible is like a pair of glasses for our problems. When we read the Bible, we begin to see the truth clearly. When we see the whole picture, everything focuses better. Many people look back on their lives, and wish they had walked in God's wisdom more.

What does our future hold for us? Are we too nearsighted to see?
Are we willing to allow God to help us with our nearsightedness?
May we be open to God's focus for our today and all our tomorrows.
The Bible contains the Good News of Jesus Christ...
the blueprint to LIFE.

Living the Call Together - - - - - - - - - - All for the Glory of God

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