Friday, May 7, 2010

Distant Shores

"On this journey
I come to the edge of the sea.
Before me a tiny boat anchored
I step aboard
and pull the anchor free.

A small sail sits bunched
at the base of the mast.
Loosening it’s tethering
I bid farewell
to all that has passed.

The sail fills with wind
and begins carrying me
far away from shore.
Awareness that not by
my own power do I travel.
On the other side
hopes of finding something more.

Hours turn into days
with the wind determining
my course and direction.
Suddenly my sail grows slack.
My heart fills with worry
and prayers for Your protection.

Here I sit
with nowhere I can go.
Oars in the hull of my boat
but my destination is far;
too far for me to row.

I know I should wait on You
Yet I am uncertain as to how.
If there was a time that I
needed You, my Lord
that time is now!

You are the wind in my sails
You are the voice that calms
the stormy sea.
It was Your voice
that opened the door of my prison.
It was Your voice that beckoned
setting this captive free.

Worry and panic return
and slowly grow into a deep fear.
“Send the northeasterly wind,”
I pray aloud
hoping You will hear.

The ruthless sun beats down
on this flat calm ocean.
Skin burns and throat parches.
No tears remain
to reveal my emotion.

When I think I can take no more
I spot storm clouds
gathering in the east.
I thank God in anticipation
of the rains
that soon will be released.

just a whisper of wind
comes and brings life to this sail.
It continues to build
gradually growing
to a full force gale.

Praising Your name
as I come to rest on the shores
of a far distant land.
Spreading good news to all
until those who accept it
are as numerous
as the grains of sand."
by Mitch Salmon

Sometimes it’s the flat calm amidst uncertainty that takes it’s toll and the storm is what finally propels us forward. So if we are waiting for the wind to fill our sails, I suggest that we pray to the One who brings the subtle breezes and the full force gales. Pray to the Father in Jesus name... He always is waiting to talk and feels our pain.

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  1. Blow your winds... Lord... our sails are set and we are sailing on your seas. THANK YOU JESUS.


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