Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Every Pastor Needs A Pastor

Every pastor feels like he is not enough for his people,
and you are not... but Jesus is.
You are the messenger... Jesus is the Saviour.


God spoke to the Pastor’s heart
and said, "Go teach them about Me!"
So this man, who was called by God,
set out to teach so all would see.

He came to a group of people
that appeared to be all lost.
He opened up his Bible and said,
"Let me teach you about the Cross!”

Some just look dumbfounded
as he began to speak.
Some just shook their heads
and said, “This is for the weak!”

So onward he went
and more people he did find,
he opened up his Bible and said,
“Jesus healed the blind!”

But like the people before them
they just couldn’t see
what this man of God was talking about,
most said, “It’s just not for me!”

So the Pastor knelt down and prayed,
“Lord to You I want to please!”
What am I doing wrong
is it something about me?”

The Lord spoke to his heart and said,
“You are doing just what I asked,
your love for Me is greater
than any of these tasks!

When you speak they are hearing,
keep showing your love and Mine.
For most the seed has been planted,
now it just takes Me and time!”

Poem by E. P. Shagott

Every Pastor needs a Pastor.


  1. Great poem, thanks for sharing.

  2. This is beautiful and true. And yes, even though we might feel like Elijah when he told the Lord they have torn down your altars and slain your prophets and only I remain. God told him, he had 7,000 that had never bowed a knee to Baal. I just found your blog, really like it. Have you read John McTernan's blog? I like that one too. Blessings.


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