Friday, January 14, 2011

Removing ourselves from the Equation

"I had a daughter enslaved to heroin.
Nothing worked, no rehab and there were several,
jail didn't work either and church didn't work, because she didn't want it.

But then I literally nailed her to a cross.
I wrote heroin and her name on a tiny piece of paper,
and I knelt before a tree folding that piece of paper,
and I nailed it to that tree.
Declaring to God that I surrender and at any cost
I was going to commend her back into His hands
and not interfere.

Oh, this was the hardest thing I had ever done.
For a mother wants to protect her child.
We often think we can fix them, if we just love them more.
Don't fall for that lie for we will enable them unknowingly.

When she went to jail for that last time,
oh how I wanted to visit her,
but the Holy Spirit said to me: "she is now crying mommy, mommy,
but I want her face down on bended kneed crying Lord, Lord, forgive me!"

I knew I had to stand.
I never once visited her.
She had to know we had, also suffered enough.
I believe this sobered her to face the fact,
that she had cut herself off from her family.
She had robbed us twice and I did have her arrested.
I could not allow that behavior to go on,
someone else might have shot and killed her for breaking into their home.

She finally began to see,
that if she wanted a relationship with any of us,
it had to be after she got clean.

When she got out of jail she came to church
and asked our Pastor to lay hands on her
and pray for deliverance from this drug.
She was delivered instantly,
but she had to be ready and willing to surrender.
She had to be completely broken.

She has now been clean for a little over a year
and has completed her rehab this month.
She also, has gotten a degree in medical assisting
and bought her own car.
Praise God, she is doing very well.

She attends regular church meetings along with small group
and she often speaks at these meetings.
She tells the other girls at rehab about Jesus
and then brings them to meet me and we pray with them.
We have led a few of them to the Lord in the past year. PTL

God will not force himself on anyone,
they must want to be delivered and healed.

But he is faithful and just to do so,
we just must remove ourselves from the equation.
Who knows better than God, after all?" - Rechandle Schofield

Many times, we parents can be 'part' of the enablers.
May we learn something from this mother's words.

Surrendered moms and dads on bended knees before their Lord,
will hear the whispers of the Holy Spirit for their children
and make the tough decisions. THIS I PRAY.

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