Saturday, May 9, 2009

Make Time To Love

If you judge people,
you will have no time to love them.
Mother Teresa

Lord forgive me for all the time I have wasted.
Teach me to love people with your love.


  1. Paul, we all need to be reminded of that to love others. I was just talking to Pastor Cliff this morning about how we find it so easy to accept others the way they are, but when someone in your own family is acting the same way others do, it makes us unloving towards them.I need to work on that, showing love to my own family. They see me as being a hypocrite sometimes, because I avoid them, because of anger from things done in the not too faraway past. I have totally worked on forgiving others, but not them. It also goes with your other recent post about people being agresively passive and ignoring issues and not solving them in a loving way, and you are correct, if we do not forgive others the anger builds up and causes us to have physical and mental issues.I also read Robin's recent post and she wrote about the same issue. Why do we love others, but find it so difficult to love our own family members. We need lots of prayer in this area and we need to spend more time in the Word studying about love. Someone shared with me how they liked your comment in Sunday school about if we spend more time in the Word it will be similar to someone waxing their car, when temptation comes it will bead up and fall off just like water off a newly waxed car. We thank you for your encouragement and insight. You and Cindy have been a great addition to our fellowship. May we continue to grow in Christian love that the world may see Jesus in us. The hope of glory.

  2. What a beautiful quote by Mother Teresa. Encouragement and exhortation all in one! -- I think I'll link you to my latest post.

    Happy Belated Birthday to dear Cindy!


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