Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Needy Take From Church Collection Plates

Church lets needy take from their collection plates...

In these hard economic times,
we can't be so into church business
that we forget what our business is,
and that is to help people.
Pastor Toby Slough

A North Texas pastor passes the collection plates at his Church,
but now he tells struggling people to take what they need.
Toby Slough, pastor of the Cross Timbers Church in Argyle, TX,
says the church is helping single moms and widows,
and people who are behind on their utility bills.

Slough says it all started early this year
when he told his congregation to take money from the plates
if they needed it, even though donations were down.
That day, he tells the Dallas-Fort Worth TV stations,
the church took in the largest offering ever,
even after people took for their needs out of the plates.

Slough says, that it all started after he gave a ride to a jobless man
who was down to his last bus pass.
That's when the Lord told him...
to turn the collection plates into giving plates.

Would you be willing to trust God and do this in your church?


  1. Paul,

    That is something. I might use that tomorrow night...May we all give freely and leave the results to God!


  2. Wow! That is good! I will use that tomorrow night!


  3. I think our benevolent funds will be needed more and more. Not sure I would use the same method but it is and will be needed. We had a homeless couple visit a couple months ago and we took a special offering for them.

  4. I can't make this happen at my church...but I would gladly put money into a plate I knew might get taken out by a brother in the same row.

    I think demonstrating brotherly love with a wallet will be refreshing to both the giver...and the receiver.
    Steve Occhino

  5. What a beautiful story! This quote reminds me of Jesus' miracle of feeding the masses with just a few loaves and fish, and still having food left over: "That day, he tells the Dallas-Fort Worth TV stations, the church took in the largest offering ever, even after people took for their needs out of the plates."

    Thank you for sharing this, and thanks for visiting me over at Miami Interfaith Spirituality Examiner!

  6. Sharing with those in need is certainly our Christian responsibility. This man's method is one way to do it. The Biblical pattern is for the church to have Deacons (I Tim 3:8ff) whose responsibility it is to seek out those in need and provide from the church's resources to care for those needs. That may be by finding jobs, teaching money management, etc., not just giving money. The problem with the above scenario is that some in greatest need might' not choose to take funds from the offering, while some others would not hesitate to do so. The Deacon's role is to seek to provide a Christ-like response that is appropriate to the need.

  7. Paul, This is a good blog about sharing with others. It reminds me of the early church in Acts. They had all things in common and they sold their possesions and used the money as each person had a need and because of this and others things they were unified in God added to their numbers daily. They didn't spend time deciding who deserved the help and who didn't, but just helped when their were needs. Pastor Cliff also taught us this on Sunday. All things we possess really belong to God and we are called to be managers of it. part of that management includes giving to others.

  8. I would have to say good for this Pastor for going against the grain and doing what God told him. I would also have to say each Pastor would need to hear from God for themselves about His will and direction for their local church. On an individual level, God told me to do something and someone in the same situation as me said, "Well, God never told me to do that." Her conclusion was that we didn't serve the same God. Honestly, I think what she meant to say was she thought I missed it and was in error. How sad! So, I feel it wise for each church or individual to seek God for themselves and not compare ourselves with each other and just because God tells one church to do something one way, does not mean every church should do it that way.

  9. When I was an associate Pastor, our Head Pastor did this. I think it is great; unfortunately most people give checks. But our congregation is very giving to benevolent funds and willing to give when there is a need. It is a wonderful Idea, and I have seen God bless it.

  10. Hello John Chisham... thank you for your post.
    I think what happened in this church in Texas... is that people put their normal checks in the plates, but also put added cash outside their envelopes. The cash was their benevolent gift. This is a very large church... I guess everything is large in Texas! So large that the pastor apparently felt the Lord was telling him that some people's immediate needs were being missed by their general benevolent fund.
    May God bless your launch of your new radio blog.
    Keep Pressing On For The Lord In All You Do.


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