Friday, May 1, 2009

More Than A Village

When warmth exists in God’s house, God is pleased and glorified!
Don Schultheis

Look at Acts 4:42-44
“They devoted themselves to the fellowship…
All the believers were together”

The people in that very first church loved each other.
The atmosphere was warm and caring.
They were devoted to fellowship and all the believers were together.

Ten times in the first five Chapters of Acts,
the word tells us that the early Church in Jerusalem was unified.

Look at these phrases:
They were in one accord.
They had one heart.
They had one purpose.
They had one spirit.
They were all united in thought.

There is a mighty movement of God
happening in our church.
May our cups continue to overflow
and spill into our neighborhoods.
Keep lifting up the name of Jesus Christ in all you do.

God is doing something in our midst... be in the center of it.

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  1. Paul you are right about what happens when people come together in unity, great things start happening for whatever the cause is. I am going to spend the rest of my days uniting to the cause of Christ and the building up of His kingdom.He is my king. Many politicians nowadays are supporting causes that go against the kingdom that I belong to. They have some brilliant ideas how to solve and improve problems, but along with those ideas comes the package of ungodly unholy agendas. I want to keep both of my feet completely on the solid rock that Christ has placed me in. I am not going to compromise my beliefs for worldly solutions. God Himself will be my provider.


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