Thursday, April 30, 2009

Can the Enemy Read Our Minds

"No, I don’t think Satan can read your mind.
Because the Bible reveals that satan is not omniscient.
He's fallen, and sin curses the intellect, even an angelic intellect.
I don't think he was ever omniscient.
Omniscience belongs only to God.
Satan can not read your mind.
But, satan can pretty well peg what you are thinking
by how you are acting and how you are talking.
And, he can pretty well analyze the pattern of your living.
And, he pretty well knows what affects you in what way
and how you respond and react to things.
So, he can pretty well pinpoint your weaknesses,
but he can not read your mind.
There is nothing in scripture to indicate that satan can read your mind."
John MacArthur

We should seek to live Holy lives with never giving satan a foothold or place in our thoughts, words and conduct.
The best way to flee from satan
is to be running the race that God has given each of us.
Finish strong for the Lord in all you do.
Seek the things of God
not the things of this world.
If you are weak and tempted
build yourself up through prayer, reading of God's word
and assembling with God's people often.
If you have not received Jesus into your life
the first step is to go to the foot of His cross
and repent and believe.
When we come to the end of ourselves
Jesus has His arms open to receive us.
Flee from the enemy today... run to Jesus.

Leave all your bad deeds, sins and burdens
at the foot of the cross and believe in Jesus Christ.
Your Heaven Father will renew your life
and welcome you home.

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