Friday, April 17, 2009

What's Going On ?

Last night Brian walked to church with a couple of children,
escorting them to the weekly Team Kids program.
It was stuffed animal night,
so the kids were carrying their favorite ones with them.
As they walked by one of the neighbor's homes,
someone yelled from the porch... "What's going on".
Brian immediately told them, that they were on their way
to Team Kids - a church club for boys and girls.
The neighbor then said, can my children go with you too ?
I guess you know what Brian's answer was.
Brian ended up being a missionary last night
by walking a group of children to church
where they all heard how much God loves them.

During Betsy's group Bible time a new child asked a neat question.
Children learning about God - "What's going on"

Our Pastor has been seeing people in our worship services coming to receive salvation in Jesus - "Whats going on"

Giving to missions is up in our church - "What's going on"

Pastor has a baptism class of 10 or more people in it, with 9 of them wanting to join our church - "What's going on"

There were over 135 people in last Sunday's worship service.
We witnessed God's blessings - "What's going on"

People are praising God for the encouragements,
they receive when they assemble together - "What's going on"

Then the LORD said,
" ... I am watching over My word to perform it."
Jeremiah 1:12

God wants to perform His word in every area of our lives.


  1. Hi Paul, Thank you for your ongoing encouragement on your blogs. everyone also enjoys the music. God is doing great things. It is just as the Bible teaches about the early church. When the people started uniting for the cause of Christ, He began adding to their numbers daily. So keep encouraging, loving, edifying and teaching about the love of God and He will continue to do exceedingly abundantly more than what we could ask or imagine. What,s going on? The power of God is being manifested so we can see His glory shown to us.

  2. Brian... your so right.
    What's going on - "God is doing great things."
    I'm so glad your apart of God's movement
    in our church and community.
    I like your statement:
    "The power of God is being manifested so we can see His glory."


  3. Did I tell you I think your blog is awesome? And your comments on other blogs are so full of encouragement -- absolute blessings! Thanks Paul. Tom and I just love you and Cindy!!! I'm so glad we're all a part of the family of God.

  4. Thanks... Betsy,
    Cindy and I are so blessed that God led us
    to your church family.
    We so appreciate all you and Tom do for others.
    Never grow weary of serving our Lord,
    you are building up treasures in heaven
    for the glory of God.


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