Thursday, April 9, 2009

Some Of My Favorite Songs

"AT THE CROSS" by Hillsongs
Oh Lord' You've searched me...
and even when I fail You,
I know You still love me.
At the cross I bow my knee,
where Your blood was shed for me.
There's no greater love than this.
You have overcome the grave.
Nothing can now separate me from You.
You made the Way for all who will believe.

"EAST TO WEST" by Casting Crowns
Time and time again, Your truth is drowned out
by the storms within me.
In Your arms of mercy I find rest.
You got me through the night
and brought me to the Light of Your Son.
I don't want to slip back
to that place where You found me.
Keep holding on to me...
You have turned by night into Light.

PSALM 103:12
"Just as far as the East is from the West,
so far has He removed our trangressions from us."

Our daughter, April and our two grandchildren
visited us a couple of weekends ago.
She said to me, dad you like alot of "7 and 11 songs".
I asked her what she meant by that.
She said most of my favorite songs
have 7 words in them that are sung 11 times.
I guess that might be true in some cases,
but if a song moves me to worship,
it can't be a bad thing... right ?

What are some of your favorite praise songs
and their meanings to you ?

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